Two Studios in One : LightCube + BlackBox

Two Studios in One : LightCube + BlackBox

The Hurling Studios location delivers a wide range of looks in a single 6,000 sq. foot studio space. If you are filming your next music video, fashion shoot, or commercial and you don’t want every shot to look like you are in the same place – then Hurling Studios is for you. With every rental you get both the LightCube, a huge white cyclorama corner with the unique overhead soft-box that sits opposite the ‘Dark Side’ of the studio. It’s like getting two studios in one rental! 

The Marias, 'Hush' music video. Directed by Bethany Vargas
The Marias filmed on the ‘Dark Side’ of Hurling Studios

There is so much room for creative expression, and room to spread out your production. You can build sets, drive cars right onto either side of the space, film large groups of people without feeling cramped, create a ‘black box’ look on one side, and then use the beautiful white canvas on the other side. We can even paint the cyc a different color! Check out our Instagram feed for examples of how creative our clients get in this dynamic studio space. 

One of my favorite examples of music videos making good use of both the dark and light side of Hurling Studios would be ‘Hush‘, directed by Bethany Vargas. This haunting video was the first single from the The Marías debut album, CINEMA. 

The Marias, 'Hush' music video. Directed by Bethany Vargas
The Marias ‘Hush’ video with set-build on the LightCube side Hurling Studios

Vargas was able to achieve so many different looks in a single shoot thanks to our two-in-one studio. A white wall set was built on the cyclorama taking advantage of the LightCube lighting and making room to create the dramatic dolly pulls and the flawless 360 degree camera spin shots. On the dark side of the studio Vargas designed the black box look with the striking red carpet with the dance crew cloaked in white to achieve a spooky graphic effect. The lighting grid mounted above the dark side of the studio makes switching to a top-down camera shot easy to quickly setup the shot. In every part of this video the camera has the space it needs to move and is always captivating. Check out the credits below for details on this fantastic team of creators.   

Behind the scenes at The Marias 'Hush' Music Video Directed by Bethany Vargas.
BTS of the Hush Video by The Marias, Directed by Bethany Vargas
The Marias, 'Hush' music video. Directed by Bethany Vargas
Behind the scenes under the LightCube at Hurling Studios.
The Marias, 'Hush' music video. Directed by Bethany Vargas
The Marias, ‘Hush’ set-build on the LightCube side of Hurling Studios

We are known for our white cyc and @thelightcube lighting rig but don’t underestimate the power of the ‘dark side’ of the studio. This half of our studio is perfect for creating a black box look, building sets, and includes a light grid above to assist your rigging setup. Ask about our black box kit rentals that include additional black out cloth that may be hung from our grid.

The Marias, 'Hush' music video. Directed by Bethany Vargas
The Marias, ‘Hush’ video filmed on the Dark Side of Hurling Studios.

The LightCube is what we call our big cyclorama corner with the overhead LiteGear lighting rig. We are often told, “Wow, it’s bigger than I thought it would be!”. The lighting rig is a 28 foot by 28 foot softbox with DMX controlled LED lighting. Because it’s luminance adjustable and bi-colored (Daylight and Tungsten) this means it’s brighter than RGB lighting rigs and can really deliver when shooting at faster speeds or you just really need it to be bright. The overhead diffusion cloth is ‘Magic Cloth’ made by TRP, and creates a truly unique look covering the entire cyc. Clients love shooting from low angles to show off this unique environment. Book your scout today!

The Marias,  ‘Hush‘ music video credits:

Director: Bethany Vargas @bethany.vargas

Creative Directors: Maria Zardoya @maria.themarias Josh Conway @josh.conway

Producer: Alexis Galmin @alexisgalmin

Cinematographer: Scott Siracusano @scott_siracusano

Production Designer: Wesley Goodrich @paidfollower001

Line Producer: Parker Vaughn @parkervon

Assistant Director: Antoinette Dormer @bitchstayevolving

Dancers: Jolie Ponchetti @jolieponchetti

Chelsea Roquero @coquero

Colleen Hendricks @colleenhendricks23

Jaimee kadish @workinprogress_92

Choreographer: JM Rodgriguez @jm22nmrk

1st AC:  Jordan Sakai @jksakai

Steadicam Op: Jose Espinoza @noswayjose

DIT: Josh Conway @josh.conway

Key Grip: Adrian Ramirez @adrianjayrose

Best Grip: Daniel “Dangle” Kusenda @danielkusenda

Dolly Grip: Matt Purkis

Gaffer: Sebastian Johnson @lens_face

Best Electric: Sam Trave @shutter_to_shame

Carpenter: Fransisco Velazquez

Art Assistant: Cleo Camp @cleojcamp

Art Assistant: Nico Geyer @_nicogeyer

HMU: Leticia Llesmin @leticiallesmin

VFX: Max Colt @maxcoltt

VFX: Andrew Dole @andrew_h_dole

Colorist: Strack Azar @strackazar

Production Company: Trikon Productions

Location: @HurlingStudios